A Swiss made, new generation solution to counteract the influence of electro-smog, as well as geopathic stress in our daily lifes.

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For your home or office

The Esmog Balancer can be used inside your home and/or office and is designed to be placed around the gathering of electric and Wi-Fi devices. The Esmog Balancer can also neutralize and balance spikes in EMFs emitted from cell towers, high tension power lines, and microwave signals from outside your home and/or office. 

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WWhat is Esmog Balancer

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The Esmog Balancer is a relatively small device (22.5 x 17.5 x 5.5 cm), which can be the answer and the solution you were looking for to counteracting Geopathic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) stress that may be placing a burden on your health and well-being. 

The Esmog Balancer uses a technology developed by CME Swiss AG in Switzerland. 



This multidirectional balancing technology can naturalize sudden outbursts in frequencies and EMF vortexs that penetrate living tissue. It has a sphere of action of about 4 to 5 meters radius.

Use the Esmog Balancer to protect your family and pets from the effects of harmful Geopathic and EMF stress coming from inside, as well as outside of your home.


For your car

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The flow of electrical current to the motor that moves hybrid and electric vehicles produces magnetic fields, which some studies have associated with serious health matters, including a possible risk to leukemia among children.

The Esmog Balancer can be used in hybrid and electric cars if placed properly and securely inside the vehicle.  

If we would see the harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) being emitted from everything connected to your circuit breaker box to high voltage power lines, cell towers and microwave signals, we would see disordered, random, and chaotic energies everywhere.

These waves, Wi-Fi, and cell data spikes constantly pass through our defenses, systematically damaging vital functions of our bodies.

Many studies have shown significant links between electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and certain diseases. Scientists involved in EMR research say they recommend to practice “prudent avoidance” of all electromagnetic fields. A group of researchers discovered that the biologically stressful effects of Geopathic stress and EMR were directly related to disordered, random and chaotic energy existing in EMR fields.

The human body has no time to adjust to constant bombardment and changes. We are losing the battle against all technological progress marching forward, without regards and careful study of the health effects.

Some symptoms associated with Geopathic and EMF stress reported by people and numerous scientific studies are:

  • Eyestrain,
  • Chronic Fatigue 
  • Depression            
  • Memory Loss/Forgetfulness
  • Irritability, Head/Neck/Backaches
  • Weakening of the Immune System

Our bodies have highly developed bio-electric energy fields within which millions of electrical impulses balance and regulate the activity of every living cell. In today’s environments, we are continually subjected to random, disordered and spurious electromagnetic radiation as well as Geopathic stress in our homes, cars, and working environments.

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Our technology

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CME Swiss AG offers an advanced technology to provide a measure of protection against Geopathic and EMF stress.

This technology was developed based on more than a decade of studies on spectral analysis and adjustment of naturally accruing background electrical fields.

The Esmog Balancer helps to damper the amplitude of the EMF, as well as lowering the Geopathic stress levels. We can compare it to a wave breaker in the sea of stormy waves. The chaotic waves of the interference fields are "smoothed" by the compensatory effect of inverted, spectral-dynamic signals and thus made more compatible with living organisms.